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Mela Verde

21° Liquor, pleasantly scented that enhances the characteristics and the most appreciated and tasty qualities of the fruit, preserving its original fragrance and acidity.

The climate of Trentino is particularly suited to the cultivation of apple trees; today there are more than five thousand varieties which are divided into summer, autumn and winter.

Cappelletti fruit liqueurs tell the taste of tradition and are characterized by the fresh juices of our fruit to maintain the true and genuine flavors of the past. The synergy between traditional craftsmanship and new techniques allows the creation of high quality products

SIZE: 0,50lt


  • Color : light green – yellow
  • Perfume : fresh and intense typical of apple
  • Flavor : fresh apple and very persistent
  • Gradation : 21% vol.
  • Recommended serving temperature : between 0 ° and 14 ° C.



Excellent all neutral spirits for classic cocktails to be added in equal or variable proportions depending on the taste that you decide to prevail.

Excellent mixers and combinations also with syrups and fruit juices
Preparation : 2/6 vodka, 3/6 LaMela Verde, 1/6 strong bitters such as Elisir Novasalus or Amaro Pasubio
Dry Vermouth, Vodka, Green Apple, Brown Sugar, Lime Juice


It can be drunk on any occasion both in winter neat at the end of a meal and frozen in summer. Ideal together with fruit or on ice cream and fruit salads.


Base price and conditions to be negotiated

Quantity discount:

1 carton – 20 cartons – 20%
21 cartons – 85 cartons – 30%
86 cartons – 167 cartons – 40%
86 cartons – 167 cartons – 50%


Prices are expressed in Euros