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Ascolana Tenera (Marche)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced exclusively through olives of indigenous origin, selected in the Piceno area and in the nearby Abruzzo. The flavor of this extraordinary oil varies according to the degree of ripeness of the olives. Another feature and quality guarantee is the ancient method of pressing used for extraction, defined as: first cold pressing . A totally visible process, necessary to follow each stage of processing and obtain the highest guarantees of quality and hygiene.

The distinction between “filtered oil” is unfiltered oil “ takes place in the last production phase.

In the filtered variant, the olive fragments still suspended in the liquid are removed, the resulting oil is very clear and has a delicate flavor.

The characteristic of the unfiltered oil is its genuineness. This oil in fact, it preserves in suspension small fragments of olive, rich in vitamins and polyphenols, which with the passage of time settling on the bottom of the bottle will give the oil its typical dark green color.